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I want to build a WebApp for both mobiles and disktops. I’m planing to build two different apps and share the data. Is there a method to lead automatically the app user to his version (mobile version for mobile users and disktop version for PC users) ???

There’s a paid-for component “Device Detector” done by @Michael that does this: Store

and a similar idea done by @theadaloguy Adalify API Documentation

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Thanks @speakupboy,

Hi @Moniem. Yes, we have a device detector component that will allow you to perform actions based on the screen size the users is currently using. This means you could link them to different screens or save a property to the database indicating whether the user is on a phone or desktop.

You can test all of our components here.

Or you can test the Device Detector specifically here.
Device Detector Demo

Let me know if you have any questions.