iOS and Android Devide Detect

Hi everyone, I need help: is there a way for an app to recognize the device being used?

There is a component in the store that recognizes the size of the screen, but not the operating system (Android or iOS).

I need this to automatically direct a user to the digital store of their system (app store or play store).

Anyone know how to help me?

Hey Marino,
This is Michael from NoCode Monkey.
We have a component in our store that can help you with that called Advanced Device Detector

Go here to check it out.
Here’s a demo link to see how it works See Demo

Just to clarify, this component is only available on our site.
We have another component in the Adalo Marketplace but it doesn’t have the feature you are looking for.

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The Adalify API gives you the above information on the user’s device.

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it seams really great, but I have a question:
i’ve tried on my devices, and on my phone (iPhone) it only tells me that it is a mobile. the “device os” tells me “Web” as you can see:


i want to use it on a desktop web app, so I think that the result would be always “web”, right?

wow, i think that I’m searching for, I’ll try late and tell you if it works or I’ll need help :+1:t2:

Same question as for @Michael , does it work for desktop web app?

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