Web portal: user login and data update

Hi everyone,

I’m facing a dual issue due to sign in.


    1. I’m building a web portal to connect people who need a ride with drivers. So I have 2 different dashboard after the login screen.
    1. I have embeded my web portal within a native app. So users click on a label from the native app meny and open a web view within the native app

Problem 1:
Each time my users click on the menu label and open the web view they are asked to login again.
=> Is there a way to remember the user so they land directly on the relevant dashboard ?

Problem 2
In order for data to be updated on the screen, users need to logout and login again as there is no way to refresh the page from the webview.
=> is there the possibility to set up a button to refresh the page?

Thanks a lot for your help on this one :slight_smile:

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