Webview link opening in new tab

So, I’m trying this for fun. I’ve made a webview part that displays a web app I’ve build.

In Adalo I’ve added a bottom navigation, in the first tab Home, it returns to first page, works great, in second tab, I want a page in the active webview to open, not in a new tab in the “default” browser.

I’ve in the advanced tab picked Use In-app browser, but when previewing it, it just opens a new tab in Safari / chrome.

Please advice!



@Wonderbird Hi Christian, see https://help.adalo.com/how-to/how-to-embed-video-or-audio-youtube-vimeo-soundcloud
Just checked the webview component:

You may run into problems,if the target URL requires some kind of authorization.

Um. Are you sure? This has nothing to do with embedding video and stuff.

Just to navigate on the site already in the webview with controls creates in adalo.

Just to simplify.

The webview shows:

mysite dot com

And I want with controls/buttons/navigation made in adalo, go to


Without it opening safari or leaving the app.

You could make separate screens for this and link them back and forth. Probably not the most efficient but it would work.

@Wonderbird Hi Christian,
You need to fill the URL dynamically, e.g. like this:

A collection sites holds the URL:


The URL for the webview is derived from the site URL selected from the dropdown:



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