Web Site using Adalo

Can someone show me a simple example of how to display a website within a Adalo app. I can’t seem to get the web view component to work with any site.


Hi Chris,

For me works.

Are you adding the URL’s through the Database from Magic Text?

Thank you

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I am not getting the option to add text via the Magic Text. I just put the URL in the space provided. Still not working for me how odd.

To add from magic text you need a screen before the web view screen that has a list and connected to the collection that your website URL stored and linked to the web view screen.

Did you try putting Adalo website? If it is do you have a space after / by accidentally?

Very strange. I started a new app and it worked as expected. No Magic Text needed. Just the URL. Something must be wrong with the previous app.

Do you know if RSS and Widgets are supported?

Glad it sorted.

Magic text needed when you want to show that item’s URL comes from a list.

I thought I sorted it. Can I DM you?

Sorry. I’m not sure about that

Ok. No worries. They should have a tutorial on how to use the web component. It is not consistent at all.