Privacy policy + Terms of Service - long text

I’m trying to create 2 pages:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service

Both are required for offering the app on the Apple Store.

I’ve seen other people have had the same issue here:

When I create a collection to put the long text in there, it says “This email already exists”. When I paste the whole text in it makes the whole app freeze - like it’s too much data for a page to handle.

  • Is there a way to display long text on a page?
  • Have you displayed your privacy policy / terms of service on a separate outside the app page, and do the Android and Apple stores allow this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @CharlotteKalda :wave: :wave:

@CharlotteKalda try to add several text components and write that long text.
When you are typing a long text with one text component the app and the editor get stuck.

Or if the problem happened again submit a support ticket and see then Adalo team will help you. And if others know they will help you @CharlotteKalda . :blush:

Thank you :blush: :blush:

I don’t think that’s going to work - because the privacy policy and terms of service are so long, it would be easier for me to link to a separate page on the web with them.

I’m wondering if the apple store allows this though - terms of service and privacy policy being linked externally? I’m wondering if it breaks their rules to have the policies not literally within the app

@CharlotteKalda then add that website url in to your app. :blush:

OK cheers for the feedback!


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