What happened to the Zeroes?

What happened to the Zeroes in the collections?

Now if I save a zero in a register, it is empty. Is it an issue or has Adalo changed something?

I have many validations such as If it is equal to Zero / if it is not equal to Zero and I think that now I have to change everything …

Hi @breadflix.es :wave: :wave:

Yes I also experienced this. If I add 0 going the Database it’s ok but when I update through a form or custom form it’s not updating :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you have to set the conditions base on empty ( Is equal to empty/Not equal to empty) :blush: or create a text property and you can store 0 ( But I think this will be not good):innocent:

Thank you :innocent:

Yes, that is the case, but my doubt is if it is an error or is it a change because if I modify my apps and it is an error, then I will have to modify again …
@anon78309838 could you tell us something?

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I have reproduced this on my end and have brought this to the team’s attention. We hope to get this resolved as soon as possible.


This has now been resolved! :slight_smile:


Great, thanks!
I’ll test it tomorrow.