My database is deleted

Hi, I have a problem with an app, it’s a credit top-up app for games… the user has a balance, every time he makes a purchase he deducts the balance and can make top-ups that add the balance.

the problem is that sometimes the system deletes everything and leaves the user in zero… I don’t know how to solve it

Have you been able to define “sometimes”? It there a specific pattern or is it really random?

Hi @Santiago,

If you’re 100% sure that you’ve created everything correctly…

This might be a bug in Adalo. I’ve seen something like this:

  • you have Update Record action. You update some property (usually numeric or time or datetime) with some value.
  • then you decide to remove this value from the Update Record and leave the field empty
  • in some cases (when - I don’t know), Adalo thinks that now the value should be NULL and updates the property with it
  • result - existing value is deleted.

In your case, I’d try to find the place in which exact place the problem happens. And then re-create the action from scratch.

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.

It’s random, different users at different times

Thanks victor for the answer, go to see each button, the actions of the pages and everything… everything is ok, what I did now was create a backup, when you click on request, there you update the balance of your backup, in case it is deleted it stays scheduling there… I will be testing this option, since I don’t know why sometimes it does that, it is NOT always, it is some days with some users

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