What If Modeling

Does anyone know if there is a way I can add “what if” scenarios? For example; Uber, they pull in location, type of vehicle, and type of ride to get pricing for the ride share service.

I need to pull in various situations to come up with a price for service and add it to a collection. Is this something I can do in Adalo or do I need an outside source to feed adalo? I would need to pricing to be seen pretty fast once the platform users requesting the service.

Yes it is possible. Depends on how many times you want to do that, ie, for 30 cars = probably not.

For 1-5 = yes. I think you can get it working. When a user requests service, put the actions on that button, then the last one updates or adds a records to your collection. Without a full explanation of what you want to achieve it isn’t possible to go further.