What if Stripe isn't supported in the country you want to operate in?

I was trying to set up the Product and subsriptions for my app on Stripe and it appears that my country Laos is not on the list of the 43 countries that Stripe supports. I am located in Los Angeles, USA but I want my app to deploy globally. Is there a work around to using Stripe as a payment processing service in Adalo apps? I’m only seeing Stripe components in Adalo’s marketplace. What about Paypal? Does anyone know how to go about fixing this? It is imperative that I’m able to operate my app inside Laos because that is my number one target market for the launch of my app.


I’d like to know this as well, if someone has implemented any custom payment gateway using custom actions for example.

What does this have to do with Adalo?

IAP should solve this for you.

The alternative would be custom actions.

Erik, can we chat? I’ll send you a private message about this. Thanks for your response.

What’s IAP? Genuinely asking

IAP is in app purchase - this is when you purchase something in an app and pay through the app store.

It simplifies payments because typically the user already has their info on the app store, reducing. checkout friction, and you’re paid directly through the app store. Users will also trust IAP over other payment methods. Plus, as LaoEntrepreneur’s problem highlights, Stripe isn’t available in all countries. IAP should solve for this too.

The downside (quite significant) is the fees - which are in the range of 30%.

I should note, that for most apps, you’re legally supposed to do IAP.

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