What Internet Speed Needed to Access Adalo

Hi everyone,

What internet speed you need to access a large app in Adalo?
Weird question but anyway.
My app contains many lists and does not open for a month at least.
But - well - I built it some time ago and had no problem…

Adalo Support said that they had no problem in opening my app and disappeared without any further advice.

My current speed is 22 Mbps, I tried Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.
I have a MacBook Pro with MacOS Big Sur.

Thank you all,

I would say that with your current speed, you should have no problems using Adalo.

That with the Adalo team indicating that they had no issues loading your app is a sign that maybe the problem goes beyond your current speed.

Have you tried using a VPN and loading your app from different countries?

I read in another forum post that if you set a VPN to the USA, it should load faster because of Adalo’s servers location.

That said, I’m based in Ireland, and I don’t have significant loading issues. It takes a bit longer than usual to load every now and then, but not a big problem.

Also, try loading your app with different browsers. It may be that your browser is the one getting in the way.


Thank you, @charleshope!
I am in Russia so I thought that could be a problem (as I need VPN to access many websites).
Yes, I tried VPN and set it for USA but it did not work either…
My another (fun) app, which is very light and opens without any problem.
Tried different browsers on the “heavier” one but no luck -((

In that case, what I recommend is grabbing a screen recording where you show the loading of your “heavy” app in the previewer.

But before loading the app, have the browser’s Console open. That will show any errors or issues that might be happening in the background.

So only once you have the Console open, launch the screen recording and open the previewer to load the app.

After that, share the screen recording with the Adalo support team. Maybe from the console errors, they can detect what could be happening.

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Thank you @charleshope.
I guess the easiest way though would be re-creating the app -)))

Thank you very much!

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