What is Internationalization option in video plyr component?

What is Internationalization option in video plyr component? can somebody explain in details and it ill be more helpful if he/she uploads a video tutorial on Internationalization? please … Thanks for any help in advance…

Hi Subhaji,

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What part of internationalization are you looking for in the plyr video component?

Can you please explain what I do with this option? How this section works?

Welcome to the forum! This section of the Plyr component refers to more backend code than anything else. By putting the English words here, when your app is submitted to the app store and English is chosen as the primary language it makes it easy for an app to be localized (translated) in the future. Although its not a visible change in any way, this section allows you to change the words used in the backend code if/when app translation is available (for instance in the Captions menu, the word “caption” would be able to be translated correctly based on the user’s location or selected language).

Here’s a great resource about internationlization and localization of app products: What is internationalization?


ok thank you sir for the help