New component! Text with multi-language support!

Hello guys! I want to share with you my brand new text component, with multilanguage support. You can see how it works in that gif.
2021-09-07-14-46-09 (1) (1)
Also I’ve made a video review on youtube: (ADALO) Multilanguage text component review - YouTube
If you got interested, you can contact me on telegram: Telegram: Contact @davidgegiya
Or write me here on private messages.
I hope you will enjoy it!


that’s really awesome! can the user select a language and the selected translation appears in another screen?

Yes, you just set needed condition in database, and then import to component with magic text.

Hi @Davidaa_WoW ! That looks great. Just wondering if that may slow your app down or affect the performance in any way?

Hey @gdemac I don’t think so, because it’s very light component and it doesn’t have many options, or settings, and large loops inside the code. Also there were many purchases of this component, and no one has complained yet :slight_smile:

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