What is the logic with multiple users editing an app at once?

I can’t find info anywhere on what the expected behavior is for multiple “Builders” working on an app simultaneously. So far it seems to randomly override stuff, so I’m failing to see why Multiple Seats is even a component of paid accounts…

It is not advisable to have more than one person working on an app at any given time, or even have it open. Changes are pushed to the server but not distributes and synchronized and there is no conflict resolution or merge. Last change overwrites it all. So depending on where the change happens it will erase some, or all of the other people’s work.


That seems pretty consistent with my experience. In that case, why bother including that as a perk of the higher paid plans? Seems pretty misleading…

You can have 5 builders working on 5 different apps, not 5 builders working on the same app. I agree it is misleading and it makes you believe you can have a team working on an app for the “Business Plan”, I’m sure eventually it will be the case, but as far as today is concerned. 1 person per app, otherwise you will get bugs and argue internally about someone saying they did something which is no longer there.


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