What is the Toggle button action order?

is the extra action added to a toggle button happens before the toggling itself?

I use the toggle button to like and dislike posts (establishing relationship between post to user) which works perfectly fine.
In addition I have a desired outcome of this like toggle button to add or remove like from the “like counter” property of the post depending on if the its liked or not prior to the “like counter” action.

right now it works fine with disliking but not with liking. is the action added to the toggle happens before the toggling itself?

Hi @eliorb - this is a known issue and there is a feature request to be able to split the toggle/untoggle actions here: https://ideas.adalo.com/feature-requests/p/toggles-split-actions

If you think it would be helpful, do vote for it!

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Thank you for the reply! Indeed it is the same issue you we’re pointing on and I up voted.

In the meantime, did you find another solution? the only solution I found so far is just placing to to separated elements and to hide each on its turn, which is kinda shit cause then I have to deal with a lot of misplacing the platform makes.

The only workaround I have is to use image-style icons and group them together with conditional formatting, eg - an empty checkbox and a checked one, and to do it that way

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