What's best solution to send push notification?

I’using Adalo for frontend and Xano for backend.
What’s the best solution for you to send push notifications to all or segment users ?

I know there is a trigger notification in Adalo, but not stable and not working since several days.

Thank you for sharing your solutions


Youtube one of Patrick’s videos about creating a webhook with email and Make.

I think this is the easiest way. You may want to double check, but I THINK, using this method, you cannot include a photo… (I could be wrong)

Otherwise, learn about APIs / MAKE – or perhaps Twillio / Sendgrid … I think they are more flexible as far as what info you can send.

Point being, you have options. Worth doing some research.

FYI - I’ve done a bit of research. But, I have no experience building this feature yet.

Hi CP3O,
Thanks for your reply.
I’m continuing my research.

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Hello. Did you buy additional Xano or did you opt for team+ with Xano? Thank you.