How to send push notification for external users?

Hello Guys,
I tried to raise this question multiple times but have not received a clear answer by now.

I am using external user login/signup and I know that Adalo provides API for externally triggered push notifications.
However it is triggered based on the user email and Adalo simply does not know the email of my users (or does it?) as my backend sends only the user token. It does not work with external user login as email is not passed to Front End (Adalo) from my user table (just token) - at least I have never manage to call it without an error.

Now the question: is there any other way of integrating push notification with my backend? Is the any external provides that send push notifications to logged in users based on e.g. app id or user token or anything else that would allow me to trigger those notification? Sorry if I am confusing something as I do not have much experience with push nots.

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