Push Notifications to External Users

Is it possible to send push notifications to External Users? I am using Xano as the external database.


Hi @hotdesk, My understanding is that, no, this is not possible they way you can for notifications with internal collections.

There are work arounds, I know that you could achieve this with using;

  1. Integromat with the Adalo notification API and the iterators and aggregators to send to groups/individuals. This will be very costly, as each notification is one credit. And on Zapier its one process per user…
  2. Creating a mirror database of your users but using the Adalo collections for notifications > groups/users. I.e the user exists in both Xano and Adalo internal collection.

@theadaloguy is developing an App also on Xano, therefore would be better placed to answer this, but, this is the general understanding that notifications to users do not work for external users the same as they do for internal users collection in Adalo.

Your best bet may be keep users on Adalo, but everything else on Xano.


Yeah I’m not sure number 1 works as it takes the email of Adalo user.

My solution was to have a normal app but use Adalo user as a bridge to the Xano user. So sign in with Adalo then use custom action logging into xano, returning user ID and auth token. At that point you can have user on xano and use the auth info stored on Adalo user.


Thanks for the reply!

So, if I store users in Adalo and everything else in Xano, how do I create relationships between them?

Thanks for replying!

So, your solution is to not use External Users, but sign up/login with user data stored in Adalo, and also add users stored in Xano to External Collections for use in the app, apart from the user data stored in Adalo?

Also, I’m really sorry for my poor English…

Yes exactly. I originally made with external users, but I had to copy across to a normal app so I can use normal Adalo login


OK. So, do I only need to store the email address and password required for signup/login as user data in Adalo’s internal database? Or do I need to sync all user data with Xano?

You need the Xano user ID and auth token stored on Adalo. These are returned when you use a custom action to login to Xano. You’ll then use these to authenticate the request to the external collection (users)


Thanks! Let me ask the question again when I’ve learned a little more.

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@theadaloguy I am planning on doing something similar. Question, I will only allow users to login on Adalo using Google or Apple. How do you authenticate them on Xano when you bridge them with the custom action? I guess I only have to pass the email since there is no password and it would be impossible to fake the login since there will be no manual email login option? Thanks.

That’s a really good question and I’m not sure how you’d do it. I think xano needs a password to authenticate as a normal xano user. Xano supports Google login but I assume you need the Google auth token, which I’m not sure Adalo gives back to you? If you can get the Google auth token, I think it can be done.

Perhaps if they use Google you can auto generate a password that is then saved for that user and used for Xano login.

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Thanks @theadaloguy, yes thats probably the best way. Create a random Adalo password for them at login that they never actually see, and use it to authenticate with Xano.

As it is now, Adalo does not seem to support external Oauth2-requests, unfortunately, so we can’t use Xano’s login authentication.