What's playing on one of your side monitors while you're building in Adalo?

I try not to have videos playing but sometimes will have an easy comedy TV show I’ve already seen so I don’t need to waste too much brain power paying attention to it. Mainly I’ve got Lofi Girl (ChilledCow) lofi hip hop beats playing!

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Ditto on the Lofi hip hop. More often, I’m listening to relaxing jazz. Depends on the complexity of the project.

Simple projects = lofi hip hop.
Advanced/complex projects = relaxing jazz.

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Jazz recorded in a dusty club 50 years ago seems to go with app development beautifully, so that’s my go-to.

I have three monitors in my setup, and I create visual elements for my app in Gimp. So it’s usually Adalo in main screen, Gimp on screen 2 and my music stream on screen 3.

2/2 for Jazz… While the real programmers are stressing with their dubstep and metal, the no-coders are chilling, listening to smooth lofi hip hop and jazz lol Obviously everyone is different but an interesting 2 responses so far!


Several different browser windows with the PWA loaded to ensure it’s working across the most commonly used browsers, and also logged in as different user types so I can verify the conditionals are working correctly. 2 extra monitor’s worth w/ 2 browsers each.

What? I’m trying to get my app finished for deployment before our company’s busy season starts! hahaa. I do listen to music on the headphones though… Mix of 2000’s hiphop, “chill productivity” playlists, and HOUSE SAX. If you’ve never done the house sax, give it a go. Good playlists on Spotify.

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“Mix of 2000’s hip hop” ← #Facts
Being now 33, that was THE era of dope hip hop. I don’t think I ever mentioned this before to anyone here, but I’m also a rapper/audio engineer :exploding_head:

Check it:

Or something I know yall might like:

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I go a little against the grain, when I need concentration and I have to work on adalo, I always listen to some healthy liquid drum and bass :grin:

Drum and Bass Mix 001 - Jamezy di DnB Allstars on #SoundCloud

Show, The Office Park & Rec The middle

Hi Ditabo, a question on using GIMP to create visual elements for an Adalo screen. When I try to create a PNG in GIMP it seems that Adalo does not recognize the file. PNGs from other sources work fine. Have you had any issues with GIMP like this? thanks

I’ve honestly never had an issue @DermTeam. I replied in your other thread too.