👋 Introduce yourself!

Say hi and introduce yourself!

:world_map: where you’re based
:hammer_and_pick: what you’re working on
:partying_face: one fun fact about you!
:bird: a link to your social media


Hi everyone, I’m Jesse Haywood, the Community Manager at Adalo.

:world_map: I live in Cookeville, TN
:hammer_and_pick: I’m working on making the forum more engaging and a better overall experience for everybody
:partying_face: I’m a big coffee nerd
:bird: https://twitter.com/social_haywood

Feel free to send me a PM here if you have any questions about the forum.

Cheers! :wave:


Hey Everyone! :wave:

I’m James Agib! A community leader at Adalo. You can find me on twitter here.

I live in Los Angeles, California.

I’m currently working on a app for my church.

Bye! :v:


:wave: My name’s Erik. I run Flywheel Studio, make some videos about Adalo, and tweet a lot of rubbish about #nocode

Currently sitting in Lisbon (for this week, at least).
Building 6 apps on Adalo right now (just counted) :sweat_smile:


Hello Everyone :wave:

I’m Dilon Perera. 14 years old :grin:

I live in Sri Lanka

Thank you



My name’s Andres Dominicci. By day I’m a SQL Developer for a company out of Iowa, and by night an Adalo enthusiast. Currently building an app for municipalities. Let’s see where it goes.

I enjoy Mountain Biking and spending time with my family. I’m currently living in Puerto Rico! Nice weather all year around :slight_smile:


I can help you with any Adalo questions you have, just DM me!
My profile is here if you wanna see it: @firozkhanuk1214


Hi Jesse, my name is Tolu, and I am a UX/XR/VUI designer based in the United Kingdom. I came to the forum from the email sent out today and super excited to join this comunity. A little tidbit is that I am a huge fan of Ada Lovelace and had a startup idea I wanted to name after her because of the little visibility she has despite her immense contribution to computing, so I was extremely thrilled to see this company named after her. I have also been a youth pastor so we got that in common too. Lovely to meet you!.


I love mountain biking too though I am new to it. I would love to get some tips from a pro and hope to come experience the nice weather of your area while mountain biking in the future.


Hi Tolu:

I’ve been MTBiking since 2004. Now that I’m getting older I’m more cautious. Some tips:

  • Always have a companion unless you are in a highly transit trail
  • Always wear protection including knee pads if you can
  • Always wash and lube your bike after each ride in the trails
  • If you can get a dropper for your saddle this will be very helpful for maneuvering on downhills
  • When riding with someone else keep your distance I’ve seen and experienced really bad collisions
  • When you are not pedaling keep your pedals perpendicular. I’ve seen people hitting a rock near the ground and crashing
  • Follow your instincts on dangerous sections. If you don’t feel you can’t make it just get off your bike and walk it
  • Use long sleeves and fully covered gloves. This will protect you when you are near vegetation on narrow trails

That’s all I can think about for now. Reach out to me via message if you have any questions.


Hi my name is, (What?) my name is (Who?), my name is, chikka chikka. Not so slim shady.

It is Nikhil Khedlekar, 26

From India.

Just exploring the platform for improving my app skills on Adalo. :balloon::candle::tada::tada::tada:


Based in one of Canada’s cloudiest cities
Working on the community based app.
I got the invite to join this forum from the email you sent today. I like app platform but its very expensive :smiley: very few data records allowed , something to think about.




Hi Everyone,

:world_map: I’m based in Los Angeles, California.
:hammer_and_pick: Working on being a better marketer and nerd.
:partying_face: Always a learner.
:bird: Redirecting...

Thanks for the email Jesse.


Hey there,

:world_map: I’m in Glasgow, UK.
:hammer_and_pick: I’m working on CyLaze, a video sharing app.
:thinking: One day, I might make a cartoon.
:camera_flash: Instagram: (will start posting soon) Login • Instagram

Also, you can DM me for support, if you like. :slight_smile:
DM if you have more questions about me.


Hey, my name is Tal and I’m from Israel.
I’m not working on anything right now, I just came from the email that was sent to me.
I play piano and guitar :smirk: :heart_eyes:
Have a nice day you all!


Hi all, I am Andrew Earls and an email told me to come here.

I am based on the west coast of the US.
I am building a treasure hunting app.
I nerd out with the Laravel framework.


Hello community!
My name is Yuri. Now I live and work in Israel.
Believe it or not, I am 59 years old and today my profession is a carpenter). I am finishing the development of a mobile application: “Big Hebrew Educational Dictionary” on Adalo. It will be a great help for people who would like to learn the most ancient language.
I am raising my daughter alone and I want to interest her in programming and the continuation of my work.
I love to travel by bike, I love the sea and I am fond of landscape photography.
Good luck to all!


Hello Jesse and the Community!

I am based in New Hampshire
I am prototyping a membership site to deliver and share content
Fun fact: I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with making the perfect pizza (my doctor thinks it is unhealthy anyway) and a healthy fear of lightning
:camera_flash: Instagram