Whats the point of Adalo's status page if it's not accurate?

Once again there has been an issue with Adalo and the first I hear about it is through the forum. The Adalo status page is reflecting all green for today - but there have been problems today.

This was the same a few weeks ago when there were issues with the UI but if you looked at the status page- it was all green. I only found out about it when a client messaged me.

I appreciate the page is automatic- but if it’s not telling the whole picture- it’s not fit for purpose.

C’mon guys- time to raise your game.

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Hey @speakupboy!

I wanted to jump on here an apologize that the status page was not updated during the incident. This incident was identified outside of business hours and due to the impact, our team that jumped in was focused on resolving the issue.

We have implemented automatic updates for quite a few situations but some still require that the page is updated manually by our staff. With a very small team, this sometimes means that the page is not updated until after the issue is resolved.

We appreciate the feedback and will ensure this is taken into account when improving the process for outages in the future!

I don’t see the benefit of updating the status AFTER the issue has been resolved. Few people are interested in knowing an issue occurred after it occurred. The point of a status page is to advise current users that there is a current problem.

Surely updating the status page should be the FIRST thing that should be done when a system-wide issue occurs. That stops us users from trying to figure out if we have created a problem ourselves and wasting time trying to fix it and also stops people from then bombarding the support team with the same message.

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Totally agree, this is my biggest pain since I went live with my project

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