Whats happening?!?!?!?

@Ben @Colin can we please, please!!! at least know what’s happening with the database and custom actions performance? Is this part of the migration to AWS process? Information is everything. Please let your users know why their apps have such poor performance these days. I understand you guys may be doing your best to deliver what you have promised to Q4, but 15 days to 2021 and the performance is probably the worst I have seen since I started to use Adalo. Just be honest, give us a date when will this finally be fixed! It’s a matter of respect, we have customers, clients, people that rely on us as we rely on you!


Again noting that there needs to be a status page… This lack of communication is something that seriously needs to be addressed. A lot of patience is being dwindled.

you can upvote it here I guess but IDK what will come of it.


@Colin has just blocked me on Twitter for voicing exactly the same issue.

They can’t even acknowledge their own issues let alone provide a plan to sort them.

It’s so sad.

Hey @brunoribeiro @jencass97 @NigelG

Sorry to hear you’re having some issues here.

We have a blog post that is going to be posted tomorrow with an update on everything. (Side note, we’ve actually been working on the post since the beginning of the week but wanted to make sure to get feedback internally before sharing with everyone and we also wanted to make sure that our status page was ready to go live along with it. So both of those things will be live tomorrow.)

Also one of the topics during our Town Hall on Friday will be all about performance. Here are the details on that. :point_right: Community Town Hall With the Co-Founders

One final thing that I’m really excited about (#spoilers)… after a long search we’ve hired a brand new Senior Infrastructure Engineer. He previously worked at Basecamp and helped scale their operations, so I’m excited for him to be working at Adalo.

Thanks for being patient as we make all these changes. A lot of hard work has been going on internally to make Adalo the best it can be.


Thank you for the response, David. Was getting kind of nervous there that we were all just shouting into a void.

Looking forward to the Q&A and the blog post. Also very happy to hear about the status page. This should help avoid days like these as long as it’s updated and maintained frequently to keep communication open.

Appreciate you taking the time to provide us with some spoilers and updates. However, I do hope the slowness gets fixed soon.

Hey @David, That’s cool. Thanks a lot for the quick answer. I was really worried about the future of Adalo. I like the platform, but sometimes these performance issues drive me crazy! You guys have done a great job simplifying a lot of my work. The cloud build service is amazing, the simple way to create business logic, conditional, etc. Adalo is really god in many things that I could believe you guys were going to let the performance been so poor. Since this night it got a lot better again, in fact, the better performance I’ve seen in Adalo’s database so far.


Thanks for the kind words! And yes, it’s definitely our top priority right now.

Here’s our latest blog post with an update: https://www.adalo.com/posts/an-update-on-performance

(We’ll probably have another one towards the end of January.)

Do you think, just maybe, when there are problems (and there were) you could acknowledge this sooner rather than later?

Not blog posts days after the event.

It feels like your support staff are scared to say “We have an issue here”. It is either silence, or denial.

They can’t all be on holiday.