Who else thinks Adalo should hold a status Page?

After reading some recent post here about Adalo Database/app not being available,
I came to think Adalo should offer its “Appmasters” some way to quickly check their service availability as other companies provide their users…nop ? :no_mouth:

  • Offline services could quickly generates many calls from sellers to the hotline without knowing whats going on…

page example ;


Yes this is definitely something we need to get to! It’s on our roadmap. Thanks for hanging in there with us in the meantime. We’ll try to keep the forum/slack up to date if we are having major issues in the future.


Why have different ‘sources of truth’?

I’d like 1 place to get support/platform info. You have a forum (this one).

Why fragment across Slack? I really don’t want to have to check multiple locations for info.

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Agreed.This duality forum sometimes trigger us to double post because of anxiety we have when we can’t get immediate response on one of the forum.

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100% agree on this. The Forum is a better way to support the product long term. The Slack should get turned off IMO.

Great idea on getting the status page going.

100% been saying this for a while. There needs to be a full transition to the forums. For the long-term health of the community and growing Adalo at scale we need one location for information.

One caveat, is that maybe Adalo can still be considered in the very early stages of the product and the bulk – if not all – of these forum posts will be useless by end of year as all loose ends will be tied up. I could see the reasoning why not to transition fully – yet.

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As noone is asking me … :crazy_face: :smile: :smile:
… i ll just say that I have no real Opinion about the Intergalactic communcation means used by the Adalo Team…as long as it reaches us.
Adding to this talk…and to more talk I was about to say : Why havent Adalo build its own “Native App forum” and put it on the Stores that way we can all have some intresting reading while seated for Number 2 ? Well…no big deals…

Just reminding that the Topic was about a STATUS page (before being stolen by obscure next Way of comunications agreement… :laughing: :laughing:)
Cheers everyone :ok_hand:

Adalo has a status page: Adalo Status