When i preview my app is blank

Hi, I don’t know what happened, when I press preview or share my app appears blank!

Hi Santiago :wave: :wave:

Can you send a screenshot?

Thank you :blush: :blush:

I’m trying to send a video but it doesn’t come out.

When I preview, it opens the page and it is instantly blank

Hi Santiago it can’t happened. If you grouped your components and did you set any visibility conditions?

And Santiago if not try to reload the tab and preview or clear the cache and reload the tab and preview.

Thank you :innocent:

And Santiago you have set an link action on that screen. Remove that and see. Or check whether did you set the action correctly. :blush:

It is an app that I clone several times and edit, but this time it stayed like that, yesterday it worked fine, today it is giving me those problems,

I already deleted the actions of the page and without that it also gives me problems, I will try to redo the page again!

Santiago if not submit a support ticket and then Adalo team will look at this.

Thank you :blush:

Yes now, I’m testing, but I’ll send there, thank you always for the answers!

Your welcome Santiago. Hope your problem solve soon.:blush:

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