When pushing builds, are test/future screens ok to have in editor?

If i have 10 screens and 8 of them are active for the app, but 2 will be used at another time. Then I push a build to the app stores.

Do the app stores (reviewers) still see those non-active 2 screens in the build?

Basically I’m trying to determine if I need to only push builds from editors that are 100% built OR its ok to have non-active screens and still be able to push builds?


In my experience they only test the app visually and from a functional perspective usually on an iPad and they do not concern themselves about screens that are unused… I’m guessing they do a tonne of scans etc prior to these visual/functional checks.

I have several apps that have multiple (10-20) additional planned future screens and backup screens and they were never refused on this basis nor did they care.

Maybe just be careful for example if you land an iAp button that doesn’t exist on live screens as they may query they see the iAp bundle and want to know how to access.

Other than the additional unnecessary size increase of the app bundle you will be fine, but that actually makes me wonder are these unreferenced screens even bundled up in the final IPAs / APK / Bundles? @pford or @jessehaywood ?

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@iAppsNi Thats what I was thinking as well. I didn’t think it mattered but an apple reviewer is claiming 2 things against my app that literally DO NOT exist. lol

1: My app has a screen they claim runs indefinite on ipad (which doesn’t make sense)
2: They’re claiming i have paywalls all over my app, yet i have 0, and the app is free. lol

I feel apple just made up some stuff because they don’t want to approve it on the 1st attempt. Probably a rule. hahah.

So the 3 screens I have as test/future screens (do not carry anything they’re claiming to begin with) I thought somehow that might be triggering something in the review where they see those screens (in the build) but can’t access them, so they’re accusing me its behind a paywall.

Very interesting. I literally just launched an new App on Sunday past, and I have tonnes of screens unreferenced/linked and was passed first time. Is this your first App to launch with Apple?

I can’t say I have ever had this issue, but I can say Apple reviewing standards vary greatly… Like I have instances where the App is approved, I update several times, then suddenly fails for something that’s been there since day 1 and months have went by… while their guidelines remain the same also. To an extent it is hit or miss.

But they will approve the App if you simply prove them wrong or explain each problem they have. I would go back and query those items. Sometimes simply spelling it out to them works.

In recent times in the notes section for all my new apps I elaborate quite a lot. Like explain its free, directed at X audience, purpose of the App etc as sometimes just because they don’t know, or understand its function or purpose they fail/request more info.

I’d still like to know if unreferenced screens are packaged up and included aswell. Good luck ! Iv come across a lot of fails from Apple, but never the above, sorry.

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Yeah apple reviewers are different. Some reviewers will let X pass, some wont. lol.

I had to reach out to Adalo for the indefinitely thing before I submit an appeal (still waiting to hear back). I think it’s a mistake by apple, but we’ll see. The paywall thing I figured out, just verbiage. lol.

You had an app that was on the app store, but an update forced it off the app store and took months to get it back on?

I agree, I’d like to know how the non-used screens are used in the builds to the app stores as well.

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