Why is Adalo editor slow/buggy between 2pm and 4pm ET every day?

I have been using Adalo nearly every day for a couple of weeks.

Without fail, the editor becomes almost unusable between 2 pm and 4 pm ET. By ‘unusable’ I mean changes do not save, editor will not load, app will not load, app displays error message on load’… etc.

Any reason for this? Is it a) peak usage time with most users on it? b) due to site upgrades at that time? c) some other reason?

Don’t get me wrong - I absolutely love Adalo so far. If there is a reason this happening I may just work on it off peak-hours. If there is no reason and the Adalo folks are unaware, perhaps this may flag an issue?

Also - it is not my internet. I am running plenty of other web services at the same time and I do not experience issues.