Why is my ai output (answer) not displaying?

When I preview my Q&A chatgpt app, the question (user input) is displayed however the chatgpt output does not display in the thread. See screenshots.

I guess you came across the same issue as me. I’m using zapier and apparently it updates once every 1 - 15 minutes. If you want to set it to 1 minute you need the most expensive plan at zapier.
Just a guess.

If you’re using openai api key, you need to make it an updating list.
If created use an API endpoint so as to update it with the response so once it saved in the collection it already has the answer and thus it is more quicker.
if you are a paid subscriber on adalo of course

I am having same issue. I have followed all steps of tutorial yet when previewing my Ai_Output is not showing. can anyone help me?

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