Barcode scanner work on PWA?

Does the barcode scanning component work on PWA/web apps or only with native apps?

Hi @preptogether,

I think by Barcode you mean the QR code scanner? I think that only works in native but for PWA’s there’s two components!

See here : QR Scanner does not read - #2 by dilon_perera

Thank you

Yes that’s what I was looking for. I saw a tutorial on YouTube for the Adalo scanner to work with scanning barcodes as well as QR codes.

The Pragmaflow scanner seems to only display the front-facing (selfie) camera for some reason. It doesn’t give me the option to flip it to the rear facing camera, which makes it obsolete. Anyone else having that issue?

I haven’t tried the other scanner in your link, though; didn’t know about that one.

I think there is : QR Coder Scanner not showing anything on iOS app - #18 by Henrikcox

Steven is not online on the forum now and you can post this issue on Github!

Hi @preptogether ,

QR Scanner for Web from @knight works nicely,

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Edit: Will this also scan traditional UPC (barcodes) or QR codes only? I am needing a component that can scan barcodes, as QR codes are not universal on most packaging, where barcodes can be found almost anywhere. I intend to build that necessary data for the barcode in my Collections, I just need the component to scan correctly.

You can ask @knight for that.



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