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I’m not sure about the new plans and pricing on the old plans I was purchasing the $50 plan, which plan would the old $50 plan be called on the new plans would it be the starter plan or professional and If I bought the starter plan can I upload 2 apps to the app store?

" For those of you who are on a paid plan today — regardless of whether that is a monthly plan or an annual plan — you’ll be able to stay on that plan until July of 2023. This means you will continue to pay your current price, have access to all of your current features, and not have to pay anything additional for the number of App Actions or number of Published Apps for the next 12 months."

The problem that after 12 months you do with all the apps that you already have loaded from old clients and those that you are creating now… you will surely go from 50 to 250dls without scale… maintaining the plan now is like a help but not a long-term solution … imagine now you make 5 apps you get 10dls a month each one in 1 year it will cost you 50dls each … the price is crazy and pray that the actions in the app are not exceeded but you can go from 250 to thousands of dollars.

so should i buy the starter plan or professional plan if I just wanted to upload 2 apps to the app store

The Professional Plan will be good for you!

And I think if you purchase the Starter plan you could increase the published apps count by contacting Adalo!

Use the one year to start migrating your app to a different platform if you cannot afford to keep up with Adalo’s new prices. Try Bubble or Flutterflow.

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