Wordpress image problem

Hi everyone,

I fetched the image URL from Wordpress API but the problem I’m facing right now is with image URL type i.e,

The Image URL fetching - https://eflip.in/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/suicide-2.jpg
But URL which is supported by image component - https://eflip.in//wp-content//uploads//2020//11//suicide-2.jpg

I don’t know what’s the difference between backslash & forward slash

How can fix this any idea?

Here is a screenshot -

I do not understand the question.

The difference I see from the first URL you gave and the 2nd is that on the second you are using two backslashes instead of one. Which should never be the case actually in URL structure and I’m not sure what you mean by this is what is supported from the image component?

I connected the external collection via API (Wordpress API)
The problem is when I connected the image URL to the image component (Under list) the URL which comes in this format - image

And its not accepting the URL but when I paste the same format in URL bar & then paste it to image component, it works

Here is the screenshot for testing I created it (Observe the URL)

External Database Property -

Original Item format -

It is very strange that the API is sending data formatted like that. What is the Content-Type set to for this API? (It should be defined in the Header -H)

I also tried content-type=application/json but no change

And in JSON response, I’m getting correct URL format but it’s not fetching in list featured_media_src_url


Could you pls explain how you connect the WP base to Adalo?
I need to do it, and I dont know how I can connect Adalo and WP site :slight_smile:

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