Xano point location usage in Adalo


I am currently using xano with adalo and I have a point location type in my xano db. I have connected the external collection and can “see” the long/lat but am wondering how can I utilize that to say the a location name, city and state say… should I create a function in xano that does that when the field has data?

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Hi @Raynell,

You mean you have a Point column that includes the coordinates in Xano and then you need to get the details of that location from that coordinates?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera,

That is correct. I saw in xano there is a way via API to do a reverse look up of the coordinates, but was not sure if there was another way to do that…

Hmm… I think you would need a API for this! Like this : External APIs: Using a reverse geo-coding API - YouTube

yup… that’s what I thought! But when I try to find the website with the API he used, its some other thing or maybe I am typing the wrong addy LOL :man_shrugging:t6:

Haha yes! Micheal forgot to show the search bar :joy:

But I found it! Here’s it is : https://www.geocod.io/

Docs : Geocodio API Reference

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This is great!

Thank you, @dilon_perera, and Thank Michael too…

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