Xano & Query Parameters

I’m attempting to use Xano as a backend for my app. Running into some problems, this being the most urgent: I’m trying to filter a list in Adalo using query parameters. I have a list of Program Folders, and in it a list of Programs. I only want to show the programs that are in the current folder. My query parameter seems to work in Xano, but not in Adalo.


Any help is appreciated!

Hi Jason, I believe from my own experience, list within a list doesn’t work so great with Xano/Adalo.

For example, that query parameter should work when applied to the whole list. Please test this by making the folder category link to a new page and then have a new (by itself) list with that same query parameter setup. I think what you will notice is that it works correctly there, but when you try it as a list within another list, it will not work.

Could do with some feedback from @xano as to whether we can get around this. Xano and Adalo is a great combo but I believe this is a shortcoming at the moment unless someone else has got it working?

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Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately this is a dealbreaker for using Xano until this is fixed. I could get around it in this case like you say but my app generally relies on list within list functionality.

I do have a second question, if you noticed how long it took to load the list, is that normal?

PS I eventually need to use Xano for a particular functionality so I hope this is fixed soon with Adalo’s new focus on external collections.

I don’t think mine is so slow, especially with using using pragmaflow preloaded component. You had a significant wait there and I don’t experience this. How many records was that loading? Are you still on free version? If not where is your xano server location? And your location?

Yeah I’d also be keen to hear a solution for list within lists, it’s not a deal breaker for me but it’s forced me to make some changes to accommodate it.

2 folders and 6 programs, free version of Xano, server in Oregon (I’m in Texas)

Yeah I think free version might be slower (anecdotal I can’t guarantee for sure). But your performance there is so slow.

Is that always your experience? Check out the pragmaflow preloader component if it’s still available.

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