XP, Automatic Ranks?

How to make a ranking system? I have a user with XP and the user should automatically get a specific rank (rookie) when his XP is in a certain range (0-100 XP). How to make it?

I have created a rank db with min - max points.


The rank field in user should respond to the current XP of user. Is that possible?

So you want user to stay in your app to get XP? or is another way?

[also 999 that would be hard haha]

Hi Pandas,

This is quite tricky to automate so the best solution I could find would be to add actions to trigger when a screen loads.

So throughout your app you can add points to a ‘points’ field for logged in user (or XP, whichever you prefer) by setting an action to ‘logged in user points’+10 (or however many points you want for that action), then you can edit a rank text field in the user collection to a word of you choice such as Beginner, Expert, Legend when the page loads.

So when a page loads, set the following actions (you can add whatever name and whatever points range you want here by the way, these are just examples):

Whilst this does not currently link with a Rank collection, it can work alongside the rank collection as long as the Rank field name in the user collection matches the name in the Rank collection.

Have a look at the cloneable example I did for you Ranking example


It works really great! Thank you again.

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