Automatic user's level management


I have a User collection and a Badge collection.
Each User can have a unique Badge and a Badge can have multiple User.
Badge are based on the number of trainings a user have done. (ie level 1 if you have 1 training, level 2 if you have 2 to 5 trainings, level 3 if you have 5 to 10 trainings)

I’m trying to manage automatically the badge depending on the User’s training count.
It seems easy but I can’t figure out…

I was able to filter the correct badge in a dropdown but wasn’t able to autoselect it.

Let’s hope I’m clear enough :smiley:

Hi Maxime,

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You can have a number property on the Badges collection and add the count that how much training count for that each level! And then you can add a list and filter it by badge number property > is equal to > logged in user’s > trainings count. To update this you would need a button that is a list that filtered. To do this automatically you would need a countdown.

You are updating the level by a drop-down?

If you need more help I will make a video!

Thank you

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Damn you are right!

I was trying by several ways to link a user to a badge but instead I simply had to filter…
Thanks a lot Dilon !

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