Your App need this: Monitor and Manage the Status

Hello everyone, I’m here again to show everyone my latest creation: SENTRY (FREE APP)

APP LINK: SENTRY Status Checker

Sentry allows users of your application to know the Status of your system, shows any critical issues on your services and official reports regarding any Minor or Major outage.

With Sentry, you can direct your users, from your app (any app you have developed), to your personal status checker, with a simple link (custom link).

Application developers will be able to manage their Checker status, when and how they want through the many functions available:

  • Add all the services of your application or other software.
  • Create Reports related to your services, for “Problems Detected” or “Maintenance”
  • Create Events for each Report (Investigation, Identification, Updating, Monitoring, Resolved, Under Maintenance)
  • Ability to notify users of outage.
  • Allow your users to report issues with your App.
  • IMPORTANT: You will have the possibility to get a personalized Url for your status checker.
  • You can upload your custom logo of your App.
  • General statistics on your Status
  • You can vote and propose new ideas and implementations, directly in the Sentry app!
  • Keep the history of all your outages or maintenance.

Register now and get a free tool, which will make your App a Professional app.
Always let your users know the status of your systems, avoiding false error reports.

Message to developers: See bottom of this message.

A few screenshots:

If you want to register your app, you can do it immediately by following the link below.
The link will take you to a screen like this (don’t worry, it’s normal that you won’t find anything, because this is a generic link):

To register click on “Developer Area” and follow all the steps.

Here is an example of how you can insert the Status checker directly into your app.
Enter a text (as you like) and make it clickable with a Browser in-View, directing to your personal URL that Sentry will create for you.

Schermata 2023-01-28 alle 19.51.27

This is where you will find your personal URL, which will direct users to your Status Checker.

This app is a PWA to make it easy for any user and any device to use.

Thanks everyone, let me know what you think! and I hope many of you will use it.

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This is incredible, Giuseppe. In just a few clicks, Sentry has integrated seamlessly with my App, Linear. It is a fantastic tool for both the developer and the end user of the app. Besides being free then, it is also super easy to set up.

If you are a developer:

  1. Open Sentry and register your app by entering the App name and logo
  2. Enter the services contained in your app
  3. Copy your unique Sentry link and insert it into your app by clicking on a “Status” button or component (see example)

:warning: Developers can update status, edit services, and monitor user reports of their app in real time

For App Users :
It’s really simple, just a click away you will have the Sentry status related to the specific App, where you can view the status of services, or report issues directly to the developer.

Thank you very much for this, can’t thank you enough :pray:


A few days ago I launched SENTRY :rocket:, the No-Code tool that allows you to Monitor and Manage the Status of any your Adalo App, third-party App or System (without the need to install anything, for you and your user).

I think it is very important to keep your users updated on any outage, maintenance or other types of ordinary and non-ordinary interventions. Documenting each Event with care and attention.
With Sentry this is possible.

I have created an app dedicated to developers:

For a few days I offer the possibility to receive the personal domain for free for your app Sub domain and not generic link).

In the following image we see Sentry intercepting and showing the real-time status of a third-party application.

I’ll also leave some other pictures.

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