"Your certificate is not valid" error when publishing to Apple

I have contacted Support but the client is getting antsy as this is for an update to an event app and the event is getting near.

The error occurs when I try to publish an update to an established app.

I deleted the certificates that were in my Apple account but the error is still happening.

Anyone know a fix?

So, I just dealt with this a few weeks ago.

While support looks into potential issues on their end, did you delete all of your distribution AND developer certificates?

Also, if you see this before support gets back to you, add another testing device (you can use your own or someone else’s).

Do both of the above, then run it again (unless support gets back to you first, of course).

@EchoTheOracle thank you for the help.

Under Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, I deleted all Certificates, Identifiers has the name and identifier of the app, I added my iPhone in Devices, Profiles was already empty, Keys has one for Adalo and Services is empty.

I tried a new build and it failed.

The short error log is pretty specific in saying " Your certificate ‘6QHPDVC6C8.cer’ is not valid, please check end date and renew it if necessary" so I wonder if I am missing a certificate somewhere else or ??

I found this Create a certificate signing request - Create certificates - Account - Help - Apple Developer and added a new cert but it failed again with the same short error log “Your certificate ‘6QHPDVC6C8.cer’ is not valid, please check end date and renew it if necessary” so I must have something wrong somewhere else - ugh

Spoke with Apple Dev Support who says they want to see the new certificate I created in keychain sent over with the app package. Since the package is created in Adalo and there is no place to attach, how do I do that?

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