Youtube API - How it works?

Hey, I would like to integrate the YOutube API, but I don’t know how? Can someone help me and explain it?

Thanks, Michael

Hi Michael,
do you just want to show YouTube videos or do anything else with it?

If it’s just displaying videos and getting the URL of them out of an Adalo collection you can use the YouTube Component from the marketplace.

@kvn I would like to display the playlists of a Youtube user in the app. Unfortunately, the componente is not enough. Thanks

Oh, yeah. Looks like that might be a bit more work.
Could you code it on your own?
I’m not sure if there’s any other way than either creating your own component (for Adalo) or use a Web View which probably isn’t what you are looking for and not really a good UX because users would have to log in into YouTube again for that.