YouTube videos as collection


First of all - awesome stuff you have with your YouTube channel! Learning a lot from you!! Really awesome!

I’m stuck using the YouTube API. I’m trying to bring a list of videos of a certain playlist from my YouTube channel.

I’m I able to bring the list of videos playlist as an external collection?

Thank you for your input!!

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@manuelvicz thanks! I haven’t used that API, but I assume YouTube is trying to return an array? And then there is a problem because custom actions don’t return arrays that you can save into a collection.

Perhaps Patrick’s video here would help achieve this?

Thanks for the tips man! Will look more into it. Have subscribed you both of you guys channels! @pfordmedia

So frustrating with myself for not understanding this YouTube API yet!

Will keep on digging!

Thanks again!

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Were you able to achieve this? I am wanting to display a playlist too.