Zapier and adalo to send a verification email

Hey, I followed this video but cannot figure out what the api base url should in when I create the custom action in adalo.

I think that is just going to watch the database for new records or updates, no endpoint or custom action needed.

I don’t really use zapier but I think you start with a webhook, this then generates an endpoint URL for you. That would be for use with a custom action.

@songaria please keep in mind that if you use “watch records” type of modules (listening for record create / record update), you might experience delays in the Zap executions.
As I see these modules track the changes in the collection based on some schedule (every X minutes), Adalo doesn’t send the updates to Zapier by itself.

So if you’d like to send confirmation email immediately, use webhook zapier module + custom action.

In Zapier the setup looks like this and you can copy webhook URL: