Custom Actions & Zapier: a way to return results of a Zap chain back to Adalo?

Hi, I’m using Custom Actions to have Zapier hit the Meetup API and retrieve Event details. I would like to then return that resultant JSON object to Adalo so that it’s available in the response of the Custom Action for use on the page. I’m not seeing how that can be accomplished - anyone know if this is possible?

This video shows what I’m trying to do:

Basically I want the originating catch hook to wait until the full chain of Zaps executes then return the final result back as a JSON payload to the Custom Action post that initiated it. TIA

So I found this post in the Zapier Community forums which would indicate it’s not possible to keep the web hook connection alive and have it wait to deliver the results of the steps as a response. Bummer.

If that’s true then the workaround here presumably is to add a final step in the Zap chain that inserts the data into the appropriate collections and creates the linkages. That though then invites a new question which is “Is there a way to log user-specific data in the db prior to the user creating a user account?”

Ideally I want to expose this functionality to anonymous visitors and only prompt them to create an account once they’ve setup an event. Is there a unique identifier that can be used prior to having a logged in user that could be used to marry up the data once they have an account? Something along the lines of #Session.UserGUID# or #Cookie.UserGUID#?

@grid7 Hi Sean, I do not understand why you need to put Zapier with the webhook in the middle. Did you try to create a custom action with the API call created in Zapier? This would give you the response directly in Adalo and you can use it to update or create records.

Right, I should have explained that part: Meetup requires an active Pro Account subscription to use any feature of the API. That’s $35/mo just to be able to access their API. I found a workaround in that if you execute the request from Zapier it doesn’t require that you have a Pro subscription.

I went digging around Integromat to see if their webhooks work differently and indeed they have the capability to send the result back to the requesting service if you add their Webhook Response element at the end of the chain. They also purport to have a Meetup Integration so that looked promising. Unfortunately when I try to set it up I don’t see the Meetup integration and apparently you can’t have a Scenario that receives data from a catch hook then turns around and executes a post hook to hit another API (which is baffling).

So yea, I’m scratching my head on this one. If anyone has made it work in either Zapier or Integromat I’d love to hear how you did it. thanks

As far as I understand what you wrote there, this is completely possible within Integromat. What is the blocker here?

@Colin blockers with Integromat as mentioned:

  1. Their Meetup Integration is non-existent in the UI. Already opened a ticket and they acknowledged and said they’ve been trying to get in touch with Meetup to resolve with no response. They’re asking me if I have a contact there.

  2. There is no workaround absent the Meetup integration that I can see to have a scenario initiated by one webhook (Catch) where you spawn a 2nd webhook (post) to hit the Meetup API. Try it yourself. It just doesn’t allow you to initiate a new post webook in the chain- only to add the webook response to the originating catch hook. Even if this capability existed it would presumably it would necessitate having the Meetup API integration In order to get the benefit of the way it works on Zapier not requiring an access token.

Have you actually accomplished any of this successfully. If so please share guidance on how you made it work. Thanks

This is a walkthrough of the issues plaguing both scenarios: using Zapier and using Integromat:
I’m unable call the Meetup API directly from the Custom Action because doing so would require purchasing their $35/mo Pro plan. Any insights welcomed. thanks

@grid7 Hi Sean, I created a short demo for using a temporary dummy user. You can clone it from here to see the details:
Basically I am using the current time in a custom formula to create a new dummy email address.


I had to put the sign up action on a button. For some reason I did not get it to work with an action on the screen itself.

When the user decides to sign up the dummy email and password will be updated keeping all related data.
The user collection has a IsNamedUser property that is set to true with sign up.

Thanks for your response. Interesting approach.

So you’re auto-generating a unique email address, creating an account and then logging in on behalf of the anonymous user from a button click… that could work but…

My issue is I would have to simultaneously create the dummy user account but also have the value of the dummy email address to pass via the custom action in order for Zapier to be able to associate the Event record with the dummy user. I was looking to see if it was possible to maybe create the dummy user email, temporarily stuff it in a hidden form field then reference the value from there for both actions but alas I’m not seeing a way to do that. So I’m not sure how I can use the same dummy user email in both places simultaneously. Any ideas?

After you signed up with the dummy user, you have the email available as Logged In User > Email. In my example on the second screen. Does this not work for you? Should do for both actions.

Right but the very first screen of my app is this:

If there were an OnLoad event to create the user account that could work. Otherwise I need to create an initial start screen with nothing but a button that says “let’s go” in order to have that generate the dummy account and be available on the next screens… not impossible but less ideal.

Integromat is a dead-end until they revive the Meetup integration so it seems Zapier is the path.

Actually in thinking more I could make the Welcome screen itself perform the dummy account creation then auto redirect them to the first screen and it should be available there.

Only problem in that scenario is it will auto-create a new account for anyone not logged in regardless of if they are a returning visitor with an existing account…

Anyways good idea and lots to think about here. I’ll keep messing with it and report back on what ends up working for this. Thanks so much for your suggestion.

I tried to create the user when loading the screen, but somehow did not work. I guess there must be a screen change to trigger the load of the logged in user. Good Luck :slight_smile:

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Yep, there would have to be a screen change to trigger this. It’s not ideal but there are some cool things you could do to make it less painful for the user. Give them a gif to look at, tell them you are creating magic, etc. :slight_smile:

So the real answer here is to get Integromat to fix their Meetup integration so I’m not using hack upon hack to emulate session variables for anonymous users by creating dummy accounts and stuffing a bunch of temp records in the database.

But thanks all for the suggestions. I’ll update this thread if I figure out an elegant workable solution.

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