Zapier trigger for Updated Adalo Record

Hi all,

Thanks in advance to all of you for helping each other (and me) out! And thanks to the Adalo team for making this all possible.

I have a Zap which sends a Gmail when the trigger event of a New Record in Adalo. Is there a way to set up a Zap to trigger when there is an Updated Record? For instance, Opt-In = True? My Zapier dashboard doesn’t show me any other Adalo options except for “New Record”, so I think multiple filters (New Record + Opt-In) won’t work.


Yes, I don’t think we currently support that, but one way you do this is to have a second table (related to the first table) that you create a new record in when you want to trigger the email. And because it’s related to the first table, you’ll have access to the first table’s properties in the zap.

Thanks @Jeremy I realized that it can be done in Zapier, if you are willing to pay for the Zapier Starter Plan or higher. All the tiers past the free tier offer the ability to create Multi-Step Zaps and then additionally, to Filter Zaps. I’ve got the free trial for 14 days right now, and I’ve requested an extension of the free trial :)).

@jeremy are you able to eloborate on the second table option? I am trying to do similar in that I want to update a row in my Google sheet when a record is updated in Adalo. But currently I am struggling to find a way to do this.