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I’m creating an onboarding experience where the user adds personalisation.

If a user signs up it takes them to the goal configuration screen.
If a user logs in it takes them to the home screen.

There’s a case where a user signs up but doesn’t configure their goals. Next time they’ll be able to log in without configuring their goals first (which I don’t want).

I have a TRUE/FALSE property for the user to check if they have completed the goal configuration screen.

I am struggling with using 2 conditional link screen actions on one screen.
If the user goal configuration is set to true, link to home screen.
If the user goal configuration is set to false, link to goal configuration screen.

What it does it switch between each conditional when the user tries to login but doesn’t have their goals configured. The first time it will do nothing because you don’t have the goals configured. The second time it will take you to the goal configuration screen after you try to login again.

How do I resolve this so it makes the decision of which screen to go to on the first login attempt? @prakharm8 @Victor

Hey @dominiconorton,

You can make a screen, call it “Home Routing”, set all the conditional link actions there (on-screen-enter), and make this screen a “Home” screen.
Make sure that you set up conditional logic correctly.

With this your users will be directed to a certain specific screens - for example, based on T/F property.
Similar approach is described here: Adalo tutorials: admin and user access to different screens. UPDATE in the description - YouTube



Works like a charm @Victor

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