(2) screens optimizations problems


I have two short questions which relate to the three images below (screenshot 1.png, screenshot 2.png and screenshot 3.png).

(question #1) - As the number of my app screens grow, I wanted to enlarge the size of one (screenshot 1.png - rental unit details screen) to move components around, add new ones and get a better overall sense of what the screen will look like. I tried to move the corners of the screen away while keeping my fingers pressed on the mouse but it does not seem to work.

How can this be achieved ?

(question # 2) Even though my image component is above my list of components in my design screen (screenshot 1), both previews (screenshot 2, screenshot 3) always show me the image below the list.

I tried to include the image within the list above and below the offer title text field and property code text fields, it keeps happening.

(I also a bit confused why the tab navigation menu is shown in the middle of the image.)

Screenshot #1:

Screenshot #2:

Screenshot #3:

Thanks a lot for your time.


I have corrected the resizing of that screen back to normal. It seems you had resized it to massive propertions.

I think if you follow through a few videos and tutorials in our help docs, you will have a clearer understanding of the process in creating apps within Adalo.

Here is a link to help get you started: https://help.adalo.com/

I am sorry but moving the screens away from each other does not solve the problem.

It is still not possible to zoom in into one specific screen to move its components around, add new components, etc, etc … (see screenshot).

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