APK Critical Error

I’m having a huge problem with the apk generated. This problem is precisely in the tab bar, In the editor shows the desired design, BUT when I export APK appears totally different from what shows in the editor adalo. I’ve tried a lot, how to delete the tab bar, I’ve tried to create through a component as a vector and adding the icons, I’ve also tried creating another screen from the beginning, adding each element, BUT the problem continues, does anyone know how to solve this? I’ve been trying to figure it out for weeks, but with no success. All that’s left is for me to launch the app. Please, I need some help.

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Adalo is aware of the extra space and they are looking into it.

Thanks for replying, I look forward to the response, because I tried for support and did not get result. I’m trying to make one more attempt by cloning the application along with the database, and creating a new APK by the clone, let’s see if it’s going to work.

While it’s not ideal, the quickest fix would be to move the tab bar down past the screen a bit so that it evens out.

I’ve tried to do as i said through the rectangle element along with the menu icons, but I also got the same result, what is now in print is the TAB BAR component and does not change that large white space it generates in the APK.

@Colin do you already have the development team’s response? Do not know what else to do, the app was already supposed to be publin stores and my client is asking me every day

@Victor Has this ever happened to you?

Hi, thanks for answer, how do you know?

Not sure this’ll work, but a few ideas:

  1. is the position fixed to bottom? That could help.
  2. you can try and build this custom (would only take a minute) to test it out
  3. Sometimes adding a blank white box (or a line) above elements prevents them from moving.

As Adalo is rendering items, if it isn’t sure they belong at the bottom of the page, sometimes they’re “pulled” upwards.

Hi @AthyllaBastos,

Sorry, can’t help here - I don’t have Android…


Yo tamien tengo ese problema…

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I create a second app and has the same problem! :cry: Help Us Adalo Plis!

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@Colin Help Us! We have this problem friend!

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I have the same issue, not only with the bar’s position, but with the overall android performance. iOS works much better.


@Colin help us friend!


I just suspended my app from Google Play, as it was embarrassing at this point…
Please give us some feedback on this situation


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