2 Tier User System / Password for specific data

Needing help with Data Set-Up

I’m wanting my User to be able to provide email addresses for friends. This will allow the friends to access specific information on the Users profile without creating an account.

I’d like them to be able to use their email address and a document specific password.

Is there any way to set this up?

From what I can understand, the things I need are…

  1. A way to set a password or account# for a specific item in a collection (not a user)
  2. A way to call that item with the non-user is Signing in.

There are a few things that need to be happening here to make this work actually.

  1. You need to set up the functionality to create a random string for a password (this can be done via an API and custom action).

  2. You need to send this data to the email defined by the user (another custom action). The screen that you send the user to must be static in nature with dynamics being applied by actions taken by that user

  3. You need to create screens with either conditional actions or visibility that have rules based on the password matching

Thanks for the information Colin. That’s helpful.

Hey @Colin,

Just so I understand.

What you are describing here is how to set up a randomly generating password, correct?

What if I create the password manually. So basically going straight to step 3.
(Going forward I’m going to say DocumentID instead of password.)

Let’s say I…
1.) Manually created a DocumentID for each item in a collection (created a text property called DocumentID) and allow the user to input email addresses that he allows to access it. This will be another property called ApprovedReaders.

How do I create a screen that allows someone to log in using this information?
I would like to create a login that accepts an email and DocumentID and then checks to see if the email address is allowed to access it. If it is, it will proceed to the Document. If it isn’t it will receive a rejection screen or modal.

Do I need some kind of API for this? It seems like I should be able to create this internally but I cant seem to get it to work.

You can create an input field for email, input field for the “documentID” and then as the “login” button you would set the action to login that user. Then set the fields for that login command to come from the magic text > inputs

Hi @Colin,

Thanks for the help. The issue I’m running into here is…

1.) With how I currently have it set up, these email addresses may or may not be actual users. For instance, I won’t have usernames or login passwords for some of these people, only email addresses. Do I need to make them “users” to get it to work?

2.) I can’t seem to use the DocumentID to actually call that document. I’ve tried to use the magic number to call the document with the matching DocumentID, but that option isn’t available.

Hi Michael,

You do need to make them users for it to work, yes.

Perhaps an Adalo Expert may be able to help you further with this issue?

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