2-Week Adalo Masters Workshop!

Ever wondered how experts create awesome applications using Adalo?
Do you think you need to be a coder to create awesome Adalo Apps?

Well, I am here to prove that you do not need any coding skills to be an Adalo Expert!

What you need is proper guidance and practice…

To help people like you create awesome Adalo Apps, I am launching the ’2-Week Adalo Masters Workshop’

What will you learn in this workshop?
–> How to PLAN to create a structured Adalo App.
–> How to MANAGE your Database.
–> How to create advanced customizable functionalities from SCRATCH like chat, group chat, follow, advance search filters, and more…
–> Best practices to optimize the speed of your Adalo App.
–> How to use Airtable as an external database.
–> You will learn everything from IDEATION of the app to FLOW MAP to PUBLISHING the App.

Key Information:
You will create 2 complete applications as project in the 2 week workshop.

Structure of the Workshop:
–> There will be 10 pre-recorded videos (5 per week).
–> Also, there will be 1 task per video that you will EXCECUTE.
–> There will be 10 live 1 hour Q/A sessions ( 1 session per task day )
–> So basically every weekday, you will see 1 pre-recorded video, you will execute the task and then you will ask your doubts in the live Q/A session!
–> At the end of the 2 weeks on Sunday, there will be a 2-hour live webinar, where I will teach you some awesome tricks on Adalo!

Sounds exciting… There is more!

You will create your own Application as a part of the Workshop Assignment and submit it. The best Adalo Application will receive a 500$ price money!*

Cost of the Workshop - 300$/- only

Apply here - https://forms.gle/LgjrD8s6bFYNggYM9

The first batch will start on 26th of October and only 20 seats are available.


Note - Payment will be taken later but before 26th October!

This sounds amazing. Unfortunately I’m not able to afford it right now. But I will keep this in mind for the future. Do you have a YouTube channel?