Skillshare Class of Adalo - Full Adalo Course for Beginners

Hi people, I just want to let you know that I’ve published my first class of Adalo on Skillshare.

Name of course is: How to Make Android & iOS Apps Without Coding (Programming) - Complete Course for Begginers - I Part Click here for link and to signup free for 1 month

In this moment I have published first part of course (about 2 hours long), in 2-3 week I will publish second part of course (and later another parts).

My whole idea is to make complete course there for Beginners - from making an app to publishing app on App store and Play Store.

So, if you want you can support me via this link: Click here and sign up there through that link (first month is free) and you can give me some good reviews :slight_smile:

In case you are not on skill share please use this link: click on this link to signup (frist month is totaly free as I said).

Thanks in advance for supporting my mission. :slight_smile:


Добрый день. Зарегистрировался на Ваш курс, но просит оплату. А как же пробный месяц?

Hi Vlad,

I’m glad that you eant to register. As I can see you are probably from Russia (I am from Serbia). You cna see this screenshot for registration. They are asking for credit card detail but that is in case you stay on platform. As you can see it is written on button “Start your dree month”. Best regards !