The First Complete Adalo's Course! Step by step - from creating to publishing!

Hey guys! I have just launched the first Complete Online course: “Make An App Without Any Code”.

There are more than 12 hours of materials!

On this course, I’m creating 2 apps step by step - one is for German language learning and the second one is a Fitness app!

You will also see the complete process for publishing an app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Besides that, you will have access to a closed FB group where you will get full support for any questions.

Because I just launched it yesterday, there is 50% off for the next 5 days, so hurry up to check it out :point_down:

Here is the link:


Hi @Nemanja ,

Congratulations !

I like the website, it is so modern.

Nice that more and more experts share their value. :smiley:

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Is your website also made with Adalo?

Thanks a lot! :blush:

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Hey no, I made it in WordPress. :blush: