20GB - How many users does this transalte to?


I was reading through the Adalo plans and noticed that the top offer gives 20GB of storage. Does anyone have any idea what this roughly translates to in number of users/rows in the databases etc.?



That depends really on a lot of factors but it mostly comes down to allocated resources such as text, photos, videos…

You could have a social app with say 100 users that each post on average a total of 50 images weighting at 3Mb per image you whould stant at 15GB leaving you 5GB of space.

Now that said this is a broad/raw estimate and dosen’t take in third party optimization services such as https://kraken.io/

This is why (depending on your app) you should always keep in mind a revenue stream as all these ressources can quicly add up and get expensive.

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That’s a hard question to answer because it depends on what data you’re storing. Obviously images will take up more room. But if you’re purely talking number/text storage, it would be millions of users stored with 20GB.

i.e 9 columns of data with 1 million rows would roughly take up 205mb of storage (based on averages). Meaning you could store over 20 million records.

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@daniel I Agree on the principal…but I think Adalo takes other factors in this calculation like server capacity.
I don’t believe you could have millions of users running back end workflows/tasks at once with this plan.


There is no perfect answer to this question I’m afraid.

The best answer is. “A lot” or probably “More than you will need”.

There are also ways to improve this by compressing files (images / videos) before saving to the DB. You can also of course handle large files outside of the Adalo DB but then you may experience latency issues as it is not the Adalo native DB serving the data.


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