20gb is enought for my app?


I have already publish an app in app store and google play. I want to make a release update of that app with an adalo app that I’am currently doing.

The app has gotten 12k users and I was thinking if adalo storage (20gb) it’s enought for that. What do you think??

Thank you!!

Hi Ramon,

Congratulations on the launch! hope it’s going well!

Honestly, 20 GB is a lot of storage. If you need more GB’s, each GB you add is +$10 a month (I think, you can contact support to confirm that).

As found here:

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Hi james,

Thank you for replaying this post. Just to know, if I bring users database of my current app is enought for make a release with an adalo app no?

Thank you

Do you mean with 12k users 20 GB isn’t enough?

also, what’s your use case? because if it’s a social media or chat app your probably going to exceed 20 GB

Social media app. Users upload posts…

But I has asking you about the app that is on app store currently. If it’s possible just bringing the users database to release an upgrade of the app.

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Hi @ramonroca ,

Just curious, is your app currently in Glide ?


No, from https://es.goodbarber.com

Oh, I can see why you have a question about this.

They give hundreds of GBs.